Quick Vaping Advice: Stop Confusing Vaping Terms

For most beginners, vaping jargons and acronyms may feel like rocket science and understanding proper terminologies related to vaping comes with time. This happens all the time with people who either are making a transition from e-cigarettes to sub-ohm vaping or are just looking to trying vaping for the sake of it. Whatever the case may be, learning essential vaping terms and not mixing them up while talking about them goes a long way in maintaining your credibility among fellow vapers and not making a complete fool of yourselves when trying to be a know it all. The aim of the post is to give a basic understanding of vaping terms to vapers who still have doubts when it comes to knowing vaping terminologies.

First things first, an “e-cigarette” is not a “vaporizer”. It is a certain kind of vaporizer. A “vaporizer” is a term used to describe an e-cigarette, vape or wax pen. The bottom line is that all e-cigs are vaporizers, but not all vaporizers are e-cigs. E-cigs are popular among people looking to quit smoking and are-more-or-less shaped like a traditional cigarette. These devices contain nicotine which is typically flavored. Now, a vaporizer differs in its functionality, size as well as shape. In a simpler understanding, a vaporizer is composed of a battery, heating chamber and a mouthpiece. There are many kinds of vapes available in the market today like box mod, oil vaporizers, wax vaporizers and dry herb vaporizers.

Now for the juice itself. People are often confused about e-liquid and cartridges. E-liquid is a basic element of vapes. Vapes that take e-liquid have a battery case called an atomizer, and also a cartomizer, which’s on top of the holding of the liquid. You simply refill the top as and when you see thee-liquid diminish from your vape. Cartridges are used for e-cigs. Instead of refilling a cartomizer like vapes, one simply exchanges an empty cartridge for a full one. Also, there isn’t a need to clean e-cigs cartridges unlike vapes that need to be constantly cared for. 

There’s also a confusion regarding vape pens and vape MODs. There’s a world of difference between the two. A vape pen is a great device for starters who have got into vaping. The vape pen gives plenty of power and is a portable tool to carry around. A vape mod however is designed for people who want to produce more vapor, increase their throat hit and increase the overall flavor of the juice. A MOD is basically a vape pen multiplied 10 times. Most vape pens have the same kind of functioning as vape pens but have more flexibility with power, usage and overall design of the tank. The power of MODs can be regulated with different kind of batteries. Typically, the people using vape MODs have experience in vaping and have more-or-less used vape pens and want more functionality. They realize that they want increased battery usage, manual functions to their voltage or wattage, and wanting to get more vape hits.

As you can briefly see, there’s a serious world of difference between all things vaping and knowing your stuff out there helps you make more informed decisions.